The information contained in this suite of documents is the property of Cathy Cupitt, unless otherwise attributed. Permission is given for short, referenced citations. For information on how to cite online information read the MLA style guidelines.

The general layout is:

Author’s Lastname, Author’s Firstname.
“Title of Document.” Title of Complete Work (if applicable).
Version or File Number, if applicable. Document date or date of last
revision (if different from access date). Protocol and address, access
path or directories (date of access).

For Example:

Cupitt, Cathy.

“‘I ne kan nat bulte it to the bren’: A fruitful fruitless search for the One True Meaning in The Nun’s Priest’s Tale.”
Cathy’s Homepage. 1997. (1-Apr-2001).

For permission to reproduce any of the documents in this suite, please contact Cathy Cupitt. Copying without permission is a breach of International Copyright law.

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